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Who is Clement?


I started teaching mathematics in 1958 and received my PhD in 1963 under the supervision of H. J. Ettlinger from the University of Texas at Austin.  I taught mathematics in the California State University System from 1963 to 1999, mostly at Sonoma State University.  I regularly taught courses in my field of study, differential equations, analysis and mathematical modelling.  My courses for general education students and business and economics majors, using my textbooks were successful and popular.  Over the years, I have won awards for my teaching.  After retiring in 1999, my wife, Jean, and I served in the Peace Corps, where I taught high school mathematics in Zimbabwe.



I have previously published three mathematical textbooks:

Finite Mathematics Applied, 1977 Wadsworth Publishing

Math Odyssey 2000, 1994 Stipes Publishing

First Year Calculus as Taught by R. L. Moore, An Inquiry based Learning Approach,

2017 Book Blast Pro, originally published in 2010, Dorrance Publishers


Clement E. Falbo

P. O. Box 606

Joseph, OR 97846

E-mail: clemfalbo@gmail.com

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